Kelly Crane has a BA in Business Management, MA in Global Organizational Management and has been a licensed fiduciary since September 2013 and has maintained a membership with the Arizona Fiduciary Association since 2014. She has been working in the industry since March 2012 where she got her start working under another licensed fiduciary working as a Geriatric Case Manager. Kelly also holds the credential of Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) and sits on the Board of Benevilla. Kelly is resourceful and has developed many relationships throughout the Phoenix area to ensure the highest levels of care are being offered to her clients.

"Licensed through the Arizona Supreme Court to help individuals maintain their independence or support them during incapacity. My goal is to determine the unique needs of each individual in order to best serve them."

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    Stephanie McCoy has 8 years experience in a Fiduciary setting with 3 of those years being a Licensed Fiduciary. During her previous role as Accounting Manager and Licensed Fiduciary, Stephanie was solely responsible for managing the client's assets and working with financial institutions, lawyers, accountants and care managers to meet the needs of her clients. In being away from the field for a few years, she has come to realize she has a passion for helping those in need and a desire to be back working in the area she enjoys. She brings with her a great understanding of the Fiduciary field and the ability to assess each client's needs and ensure that they receive the best care possible. With a background in law and her past experience, Stephanie also brings the ability to understand the legal process, allowing her to better assist our clients as well as our organization.

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